Gua sha & Cupping Appointments

We are happy to announce two new modalities at Source Pittsburgh: cupping and gua sha.

You may have seen cupping in the media performed on athletes and stars. At Source Pittsburgh, we feel people should have access to this service and that’s why we provide it at our clinic for an affordable rate.

Gua sha is an Asian manual therapy that consists of scraping in the different areas of pain. Its popularity has grown in the United States. Specifically in Pittsburgh, gua sha has been requested by several patients who want a more hands-on treatment. However, gua sha is a labor intensive, requiring a lot of time for the practitioner and patient. Yet, we try to make the services accessible.

Cupping treatment: $75/treatment
Gua sha area specific or limb: $150/treatment
Gua sha whole back: $200

These appointments must be made at least 48-hours in advance through email at

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