Chinese Herbs

Since COVID-19, Source Pittsburgh will now be a Chinese herbal formula dispensary. This is how it works.

  1. Send me the following via email:
    1. Chief Complaint (primary reason(s) for treatment)
    2. Secondary issue
    3. Case history
    4. A picture of your tongue
    5. List any medication you’re taking
  2. Orders and Payment
    1. I’ll send you the quote for the price of herbs + consultation ($20-40 sliding-scale)
    2. Consultation fee is only charged for the primary issue but is waived for refills
    3. If any addition ailment you want to address, a consultation fee will be charged and the formula(s) will be augmented
    4. Send payment via Venmo (@Tyler-PhN), Paypal (, or Cash App ($PhanDad)
  3. Herbal Order and Pick-Up
    1. Herbal orders will be placed every Friday at 12pm (anything later will be placed the week after unless you’re having the herbs sent to your house).
    2. The herbs will ready the following Thursday at the clinic for pick-up; OR
    3. For a more contactless transaction, you can pay for the price of shipping to have the herbal formulas sent to your front door
  4. Refills
    1. Refills depend on the regiment of the formula
    2. Please check-in with me or I will reach out two weeks before the formula is intended to be used up
  5. Herbal Advice and Adverse Reactions
    1. Chinese herbs DO NOT work immediately
    2. Adherence is key! Please take the recommended dosage
    3. If you’re not feeling well or having an adverse reaction, STOP TAKING the formula
    4. Please dial 9-1-1 if it’s an emergency!